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Muse/ic – “Part V: Chapter I – ‘Woman in Love’ – by Barbra Streisand”

November 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Excerpt from Chapter I: “Those three days set in motion the five turbulent days of going into hiding, in preparation for our escape.

Our first hiding spot was set about at the home of one of my father’s colleagues. Like us they also lived in one of the outskirts of Tehran. His wife, Shiva, was pregnant, beautiful, and a lover of Barbra Streisand. We prepared meals together, ate together, and listened to ‘Woman In Love’ more than seven times a day. Her passion for her song grew on me and I found myself humming the melody during our breaks from listening to the LP. Everything in their home had taken on Streisand’s voice for me, their dark brown leather couches, their glass tables, and the white wall to wall carpets throughout their two story house.”


My mother can’t listen to “Woman in Love”. It brings back Shiva’s living room, the sleepless nights, the final days.. I love listening to it, ‘over and over again’, as we did then, and as I needed to do when writing about our temporary haven.

Thank you Barbra.

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