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Muse/ic – “Part XIV: Chapter VI – ‘No Answers (I) & (II)’ by Eva Maria Rauter”

Excerpt from Chapter VI: “There’re no words to thank you,” my mother said. Exactly, I thought as I ran my foot back and forth over the lone pebble beneath my sole. Thank you for saving us from getting killed—three times? Thank you for taking us to the movies? Thank you for finding a way to Germany? Thank you for Ali B. . . .
“Keep well,” Hamid said, directly looking at Joubin and me, saluting in midair.
My lungs were heavy, my forehead still spinning with words, my voice empty of sound; Joubin smiled and waved.
“Merci,” I finally heard myself say. No amount of gargling with salt water or happy news could relieve the ache in my throat.
“Go, it’s getting crowded,” he said to my father with a nod towards the border.
Yes, let’s go, I agreed. We merged with the foot traffic, and I defied my vows not to look back at Hamid, catching glimpses of him still standing where we had left him, with crossed arms, among the young and old bearing their belongings in wrapped cloths, oversized nylon sacs, and plastic baskets.



No Answers I & II instantly stir me into the intricacies of leaving Hamid & Nasser, our guides, friends, confidants, and heading into more of the unknown–to get closer to freedom.

Thank you Eva Maria!

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