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Muse/ic – “Part XV: Chapter VI – ‘The Dawn’ by Eva Maria Rauter”

Excerpt from Chapter VI: Why isn’t he coming?” my mother said finally after the third hour had come and gone.
“Maybe,” I said, “there’s a lot of traffic,” a response that only elicited a distracted nod.
Or maybe some secret police followed us from the border this morning, I said to myself, and has stopped him somewhere to question him. Maybe that’s why it was so easy to leave Pakistan and enter India.
“You know how crazy people drive, always cutting in,” I said. “He’s just stuck in traffic.”
Or lying in some car wreck or hospital.
“I think that plane moved,” Joubin said from the window.
“Right,” I said.
“It did,” he said, squinting. “Just a little.”
“Where do you think Layla is now?” I asked my mother.
Probably still in Lahore,” my mother said.
“Wish she was here now,” I said. Her faraway gaze dissipated my questions, adding an extra sixty seconds to each minute we spent within those lifeless walls.


Once again I travel back with Eva Maria Rauter’s evocative music, this time “The Dawn”–destination: a place where I am a child, a grown-up, an impostor, and almost Roya..

Thank you Eva Maria!

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