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Muse/ic – “Part XVII: Freedom I – ‘Novio’ by Moby

March 16, 2011 2 comments

Excerpt from Freedom I: “He comes,” the oak suddenly says wildly. “You must go!”
“I’ll hide inside you,” she says, running back to the oak.
“You can’t!”
“But I always do,” she cries, and falls to her knees.
“No! Get up!” the oak says sharply. “I can’t! My senses are numb. I can’t move a single limb. Run!”
The woman folds her hands over one of the oak’s limp branches, her wet face hidden under her cloak.
“I say run! Do you hear me?” The oak has matched the Deev’s thundering howls. The woman doesn’t move.
“You’ll be ripped into pieces. Get up, I tell you!”
“Enough!” Her words rip through the air. “I’ve been running for more than a century. How long will you have me hiding from the Deev?”
“When Rostam returns—”
“Rostam?” cries the woman in anger. “Where was Rostam all these years? He knew, he saw, yet he always steered his horse down another path. Your Rostam doesn’t fight for me! Let it be done!”
She lets go of the branch she has been nursing and faces in the direction of the screeching sounds.


‘Novio’ transports me to a faraway land I often visit.. where trees talk and mermaids listen.. a place where I go to search..

Thank you Moby!