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Muse/ic – “Part XVIII: Freedom II – ‘Whispering Wind’ by Moby

Photo by: Robert Gendler http://www.robgendlerastropics.com/

Excerpt from Freedom II: “How long have you been following these stars?”
“Lost count,” says Hedda, blowing out a stream of white smoke. “Long. Even as a little girl. They’ve lead me here.”
“They speak to you?”
“They speak to you now!”
The younger woman returns to the eyepiece as Hedda sinks onto a rocking chair, releasing another thick puff of smoke. “Every night, they shimmer,” she continues. “Every night, they pour their voices down to us. You’d think they’d be sick of it by now. Sick of us. Yet only a few listen. The birds listen. They look to the Silvery River to lead them.
“Stars unfolding a blindfolded past. I’ve spent countless nights in this very seat, imagining what lies beyond the sky we see now. Ever wonder what today’s stars look like? Which ones are missing? What new formations have formed?
“And even when we find our paths drawn by a sky that was, that same sky cloaks the sky that is, somewhere beyond our reach.”
With those words, the old woman retires to her abode.
The other lies in the grass and feels the night sky pulling her towards its limitless stars.
“Tell me your secrets. You know mine.”


‘Whispering Wind’ pulling me into the vast.. past, present, future, at play–under one sky.

Thank you Moby!

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