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Muse/ic – “Part XIX: Freedom III – ‘Dead Sun’ by Moby

Excerpts from Freedom III: “What lies on the other side of this hill?” she asks the breeze.
“Don’t you hear it?”
“I’m carrying the echoes to you.”
The woman stops and listens. “I hear you,” she tells the breeze.
“Which part of me?”
“The part that sounds like a breeze.”
“I bear infinite tones.”
The woman closes her eyes and listens again. “I hear the soft sound of a breeze!” she says dully, and continues her way.
When she reaches the heights of the hill, her gaze falls upon a blue sea. The breeze dances about her.
“I did hear hints of these waves in you,” she whispers to it.
“You listened like most do,” answers the breeze, “perceiving a mere layer of what I carry. And even when you heard beyond, you didn’t trust it.”


Like the breeze, Moby’s ‘Dead Sun’ carries the tones of my conversation with the Sea Woman, the dive into the deep with Kayahn, and beyond..

Thank you Moby!

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